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Visualizing Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

With Loyola Marymount University's ART 333 class, Fall 2020:
Kaitlyn Behrens, Kellen Chan, Lacey Chappel, Aimee Clive, Jenica Rose Garcia, Tyler Haugh, Micah Jordan, Rogers Knopik, Adriana Kock, Bridget O'Connor, Remy Rogers, Emily Ronnenberg,
& Kayla Terry
Graduate Assitant: Ilyse Kullman
Instructor: Brenno Kenji Kaneyasu


Careful reading of the original 1818 text suggests surprising visual directions, which inform our first Patchwork Exercise.


The class takes an introspective turn with the Mirror Exercise, which challenges us to visualize the True Self, as well as the Stranger and Monster that dwell within us.


We are beginning to understand the monster as a powerful metaphor, capable of crossing boundaries and bringing together what appears to be different. With this discovery in mind, we revisit the Patchwork Exercise.


All the while, we study graphic novels and their conventions: shape psychology, framing, abstraction, and panel logic.

Vis Con Kayla.jpeg

Finally, eight of us present our discoveries in the form of original, Frankenstein-inspired graphic narratives.


Meanwhile, five of us produce
a short film that documents our explorations.


Thank you for your interest in our project!

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